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14 May 2006 @ 09:04 am
Absolutely Unfuckingbelievable  
The joys start early friday while still at work after I just took the time to exactly pipette mircroliters into my flouremetry plate and have everything set up...come to pick up my paperwork and my plate slides off the table onto the floor. Dye and DNA everywheres. Between having to clean up the mess and redoing the plate, I'm put a half an hour behind and its already 1:30 and I still hadnt had any food other than a yogurt at 7am.

So, someone's been flirting with me for oh about the past month and a half and also continually prodding to see me. So I finally let them come and visit. Probabbly not the best of choices. Not even five minutes after meeting up, they wont take their hands off. Which ok I'm all good and fine with that, havent had any in quite a while; and I knew they came to visit for one thing and one thing only: sex. As much as they would deny it to my face, I knew better. But if you're going to boast and carry on how you're the best and whatever...at least be decent. Learn to touch the body of the other sex and not just think of yourself. That being said other than the time laying down in bed, it was alright I guess. We went out to eat, saw a movie. And of course, getting back to the bed was on their mind. And then either they were telling the truth that they really did get an email and had to leave to set some samples up in the lab and didnt have faith in the other person to do it properly, or they came to the same conclusion that this, whatever it was, was not going to go anywheres at all. In all honesty I got a bit bored...I mean drive for 5 hrs to lay around and watch TV? Random stupid things and sounds flashing across a screen to mesmorize you? A) You can do that at home B) I dont even like TV. Oh and about this whole leaving thing...why the fuck do you leave in the middle of the night? Whatever. GO. Good luck. Have fun.

And it gets even better. I was hanging with some friends for a few hours before my visitor came. Well, my pipe has disappeared somewhere in their house. I'm not overly worried cause I know it'll turn up. But I really like that little pipe. And that friend skipped out of town to go party yesterday which is all good I guess, I caught up with their roomate during the day and they were all into me coming over after my visitor left and us hittin the bottle. So ok cool... We turn in the hotel key and I head over to my friends with a bottle of rum...only to repeatedly bang on the door and NO ANSWER. So now its the middle of the night. I have not hotel room, and those friends arent answering...so like where the hell am I going to sleep? I decide to drop in on another friend. Thankfully they, half conscious, answer the door and is like "hey how is?" me: "Its been shitty, I need a place to crash."

Beautiful weekend.
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