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09 May 2006 @ 09:45 am
I've been busy.

But nothing exciting.

Maybe after this weekend.

I'm going out of town...partying all weekend with friends.

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03 May 2006 @ 04:19 pm
So I walk into work, pull my extraction paperwork and dont even have my gloves on yet.

"You coming to start an extraction?"
Me: "Yeah"
"Good. I can evaluate you now then"
I think: Just what I wanted first thing in the morning...someone hovering over me waiting for me to FUCK UP.
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01 May 2006 @ 10:57 pm
Oh yeah and the motor for my driver side car window broke today. Or at least the window is off the track. Either way it sucks. Bleh.
01 May 2006 @ 10:44 pm
I was thinking about the weekend. Hanging out with a couple of buddies and getting completely trashed. Me and one of my friends have been making a habit of going to Target to pick up some munchies. It was funny cause we had our own Harold & Kumar like adventure (which we commented about through the whole thing) just trying to get there. First construction on the road, then we got sidetracked. Once there it was closed (Target sucks for that one reason: They close at 10:00pm). So we went to Wal-mart. First we couldnt decide on which of the three wal-marts in the vicinity to go (though for me the one on seigen ln was automatically off the list...just dont feel confortable since the 40 story crosses started looming overhead). And of course we took a round about way to get there to avoid the construction we ran into on the way to target. Yeah so instead of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle...it'll be K & M go to Target.

Whatever I was just thinking.

My stomach was pissed off at me all day. Guess it doesnt like salsa & chips for brunch followed by pizza for dinner.

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29 April 2006 @ 08:27 pm
So, just a little while ago I was sitting down with mom watching Mars Attack and it got to the scene in Nevada where the general is suppose to meet & greet the martians. The reporters were talking about how some ppl showed up probabbly just to say I was there. I lean over and tell mom

"Hey, I'd be there...would you come?"
Mom: "No"
Me: "Why not?"
Mom: "Cause it wasnt meant to be"
Me: "So you dont believe theres life out there."
Mom: "No"
Me: ???

And I think: Well...It'll be a big pill to swallow when she finds out the reason I went back to school and started my second degree in physics/astronomy is because I firmly believe we should colonize Mars. And I went back to the college I did cause O'Keefe is now the chancellor and I want to work for NASA so I can be in a better position to push my belief. And when I finally manage to upgrade this (read get a new) computer I'm going to seriously work on SETI at home.

The actual research I want to so is analyzing star systems for potential life.

Heh, yeah. And ppl wonder why we're not close.
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26 April 2006 @ 09:18 am
Let me explain to you how I do the dishes. Dont get upset or anything I just want to explain. First I wash the glasses then the silverware, then the plastics...plates and work my way to the greasier dishes. I do it in this order cause you may not feel it but if you do the greasy dishes first it'll leave a thin film of oily residue on the regular dishes I can feel. Not that I'm telling you how to do the dishes or anything I'm just explaining.

Me: WTF You DID just tell me HOW to do the dishes...and like OMFG SO I did the plates before the plastics....


Anyone want a roommate?
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24 April 2006 @ 08:36 pm
Ok. I have this journal/blog thingie ought to write in it and all...

Since last entry:

I actually managed to get off work at 4:17, so I trotted down to the car and lit up. And I really wasnt trying (hard) to leave early. So Yay I got my 4:20 on 4.20.2006

Friday was uneventful.

Saturday morning I got up and was like. Hey, I dont have to work. Well, I'm not staying at home...so I rounded up my friends. We first went to eat chinese then decided that we needed some sun so sat at the lake for a while being high and talking and having wars with the clover flowers. Had pizza+white castle for dinner with a movie.

And dont you just hate it when ppl walk in and play twenty questions with what you're doing.

Anyhow, spent the night at a friends not sure what to make of this friend anymore... Are we still just friends, or is there a motivation to move further.

Sunday: Cleaned house got irritated with mom, that I dont feel like delving into the details of...something about a drop of H2O on the floor going to turn the dirt/sand into mud though the floor was just cleaned.

Um..today..work, left about an hour early cause we ran out of things to do. My venus fly trap is flowering, which is cool. And the fireflies are outside.
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17 April 2006 @ 11:07 am
So I get up this morning and think: Its going to be slow today plus half the ppl wont be there. Maybe I'll smoke a bowl on the way in. But I resist. And I resist. And I resist the entire 50 mile trip to work. And of course I get here and...its disgustingly slow and there's only three of us in extraction lab...and each of us sits in a different corner. So I sit here thinking to myself... damn I should have smoked that bowl this morning.

And I ponder taking a car trip on my lunch break.
Though perhaps I shouldnt.
Current Mood: blahSlow Day
15 April 2006 @ 07:34 pm
Alright, so I spend the past two weekends getting totally obliterated (read: drinking way too much margaritas and smoking way too much weed) with friends and basically slumming around Baton Rouge.

And I've noticed a few things, that are, well obvious, but the impact cant be realized unless you've been there.

New Orleans, as much as it is coming back, is still a ghost town...a shell of its former self.

Hammond has the busiest walmart in the continential US (Or at least thats the news filtered through mom from something she read).

And Baton Rouge has exploded in size and if we're not careful will soon swallow Denim Springs. Construction that has been going slowly for the past 5 years is suddenly finished plus traffic flow on several streets has changed (for the better). Where I use to live (which is the same area where my friends are living now) use to be quiet and out of the way...the edge of town. Now since the middle of Sept when I moved, its practically the center of the city.

The face of the state has changed.

My only question is, do I try to stay and watch a corrupt government attempt to patch together a city and culture that has been practically wiped out. And still call it home, though it will never be the same.

Or do I walk away and close that door. And picture myself, and old school new orleans goth, dressed the part walking to work in some other city?
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